John H. Davis, Attorney at Law: More Than Just a Champion of Justice

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John H. Davis, Attorney at Law is a champion of justice and has been serving Lake County, Indiana in multiple areas of the law for over 25 years. Mr. Davis is well-versed in a variety of legal matters, having expertise ranging from criminal defense to family law and even bankruptcy cases. His qualifications extend beyond that – he also holds the esteemed position as a United States Supreme Court member!John H. Davis Attorney and Author

Mr. Davis’s commitment to justice goes beyond his courtroom work; he is also the author of two books that touch on provocative issues related to race relations in America. His first book What Do White Americans Want to Know About Black Americans But Are Afraid to Ask? looks at how racial prejudice affects our society and what we can do about it as individuals and as a collective culture. Similarly, his second book What Do Black Americans Want To Know About White Americans But Are Afraid To Ask? encourages open dialogue between races by exploring the topics of privilege and bias from both sides of the conversation. Both books are available through Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Xlibris publishers respectively.

Through his travels across the United States, Tahiti Islands and Egypt, Mr. Davis has expanded not only his knowledge of different cultures and traditions but also himself as a person. With visits to The Cairo Museum and The Valley of Kings under his belt, he built relationships along the way – learning about ethnicity and heritage through conversations with locals in each place.

Mr. Davis is a true music aficionado, having played the violin for many years and showcased his musical talents in local community concerts as 2nd violinist and tenor singer. His impressive repertoire also includes extensive involvement with an acclaimed Doo Wop group from New York called The Raytones who had the privilege of recording on Okeh records label and performing at renowned venues such as the Apollo Theater and Waldorf Historia.

John H. Davis is a man dedicated not only to justice but also understanding between people from different backgrounds and walks of life. Through his work as an attorney representing clients from all walks of life, through his writing endeavors bringing attention to matters related to race relations in America — Mr. Davis has proven himself a true advocate for justice on every level imaginable! His books are an invaluable contribution towards creating more positive change in our society and furthering our understanding amongst one another — something we can all benefit from!

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