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Opelousas, LA – WW/Press/ –  Elbert L. Guillory, Past Senator & Attorney, with the Law Offices of Elbert L. Guillory is recognized and distinguished in the Top Attorneys of North America 2024-2025 edition. Elbert L. Guillory Attorney

Elbert Lee Guillory, a former State Senator in Louisiana, boasts an impressive record of accomplishments. During his time in the Legislature, he collaborated closely with the Jindal administration to establish groundbreaking school choice legislation for underprivileged students. He also played a pivotal role in passing one of the country’s first criminal justice reform bills, earning him a spot in the Louisiana Justice Hall of Fame. Guillory’s dedication to public service and exceptional leadership garnered him the title of Legislator of the Year not once, but twice.

In a noteworthy moment that gained national attention, Guillory made headlines by switching from the Democratic to the Republican Party in 2013. In a viral video titled “Why I Became a Republican,” Guillory eloquently expressed his decision to “escape the Government Plantation and the Party of Disappointment” and align himself with the party of Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass.

In 2014, Guillory made significant contributions to the defeat of Senator Mary Landrieu in his home state. He delivered a powerful speech on Academy Street, the poorest neighborhood in Opelousas, demanding answers from Senator Landrieu about the lack of progress after her 18-year tenure in the Senate. His message struck a chord with the community.

Guillory’s expertise and viewpoints have brought him to the forefront, as he has made numerous appearances on popular TV and radio shows, including those hosted by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Megyn Kelly, Alex Jones, Greta Van Sustern, and Neil Cavuto. He has also been featured in reputable publications such as National Review Online, the Weekly Standard, and the Wall Street Journal.

Born and raised in Opelousas, a small farming community in Louisiana, Elbert L. Guillory still resides there today. His law office sits on the same land where his ancestors once toiled as slaves. He has faced adversity from a young age, including his first arrest for reading books at a “Whites Only” library. Driven by these experiences, he joined the Navy to find a sense of freedom and equality. After serving in the Navy and graduating from Norfolk University, Guillory pursued a career in civil rights law at Rutgers Law School. He excelled as a student and even taught at the school after earning his Juris Doctorate.

In his professional journey, Elbert L. Guillory worked in the Nixon Administration, educating agencies on implementing modern civil rights laws. He later served under Gov. Marvin Mandel in Annapolis, managing the Maryland Commission on Human Rights. He went on to advise and oversee civil rights divisions and departments in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Seattle before returning to Louisiana to practice law and engage with politics.

Guillory remains a passionate advocate for free markets, strong families, independence from government programs, gun ownership, and school choice. His unwavering commitment to transparency in politics continues to shape his life’s mission.

Throughout his illustrious career, Guillory has maintained active involvement in various professional organizations, including the Louisiana State Bar Association, the New Jersey Bar Association, the Opelousas Chamber of Commerce (where he serves as Chairman of the Board), the St. Landry Bar Association, the St. Landry Parish Chamber of Commerce, and the State Federation of Louisiana. He is admitted to practice in Federal Court in eight states. Guillory has also been recognized for his contributions, having been inducted into the Seattle Human Rights Hall of Fame and named Louisiana Legislator of the Year in both 2007 and 2012. Attorney Guillory is a licensed and ordained Baptist minister. He is the Assistant Pastor at Pleasant Green Baptist Church in Alexandria, Louisiana.

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