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With 10 states across the country having already passed Clean Slate legislation, it’s time for New York to catch up. Clean Slate is a campaign fighting for a new law (S211/A1029) that will automatically clear a New Yorker’s conviction record once they become eligible. The Top Attorneys of North America believe in second chances, and as such are participating in the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision’s (DOCCS) Re-Entry Program. Let’s dive into why New York needs to pass this legislation and how it can have a positive impact on the economy.

Clean Slate legislation would allow those with past criminal convictions—who have served their time—the opportunity to have their records cleared automatically. This means that employers would no longer be able to discriminate against applicants based on their conviction records, allowing those individuals an opportunity to reenter society on equal footing with others. As many as one in three New Yorkers has had contact with the criminal punishment system, so this new legislation could potentially benefit millions of people living in New York State.

Studies show that when prisoners are able to find employment after release, they are less likely to commit additional crimes or return to prison. That means enacting Clean Slate has the potential to reduce recidivism rates while simultaneously boosting economic productivity throughout the state. Furthermore, taking away criminal records as a barrier for employment could open up thousands of job opportunities for those who may not otherwise be able to find work due to their criminal backgrounds.

Though 10 states have already enacted Clean Slate laws and there are active campaigns in many more, New York has yet to do so despite its high rate of affected citizens.  By one estimate, it could help as many as 1.4 million people. That being said, it’s time for New York leaders to recognize this issue and join its neighboring states by passing this important law so everyone gets a fair chance at success without being held back by their past mistakes or decisions.  The Top Attorneys of North America is doing its part by participating in DOCCS Re-Entry program; now it’s time for leaders across the state of New York step up and make sure all citizens get a second chance at success!

The Clean Slate campaign is fighting hard for S211/A1029—a law that will automatically clear a New Yorker’s conviction record once they become eligible.  Unfortunately, despite having one in three citizens affected by contact with the criminal punishment system, NY still hasn’t taken action on this matter yet—even though studies show that providing job opportunities gives former convicts a better chance at productive lives outside prison walls without returning again later on down the road! We at the Top Attorneys believe in second chances…sometimes even three or four! So, let’s do our part and pass Clean Slate legislation here in NY so every citizen can get an equal chance at success! Let’s get moving!

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