Updates to Arizona’s Child Support Guidelines – Why you can Rely on M. Paul Fischer and Over 50 Years of Experience

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The Arizona Child Support Guidelines underwent an update at the beginning of the year 2022. These updates are made every four years and are intended to reflect the changing needs of families in the state. The updated Guidelines provide greater clarity and consistency when calculating child support payments and have some important changes that may affect your clients. Let’s take a closer look at what Attorney Paul Fischer knows about these updates. M. Paul Fischer Attorney

The most significant change is that the updated Guidelines expressly exclude from Child Support Income any assistance received for a child from the government or public assistance programs such as adoption subsidies or disability assistance payments for a child. Attorney Fischer states that this exclusion is important because it ensures that these vital resources will not be used to pay for child support obligations.

In addition, any income earned from working overtime while the family was intact has been excluded from Child Support Income calculations under the updated Guidelines. This provides parents with more flexibility in their earning potential by allowing them to choose a reduced income if they want more time to meaningfully interact with their children without sacrificing their ability to work overtime in order to make ends meet.

With nearly 50 years of legal experience and a long list of satisfied clients, Paul Fischer is an attorney committed to providing excellent service with compassion. He understands that his role often begins when people are facing their greatest difficulties, which require swift yet comprehensive planning integrating the client’s vision and values into the resolution strategy. For this outstanding achievement in law practice Mr. Fisher received Martindale-Hubbell’s distinguished rating—the highest honor attainable for attorneys across America.

All of these changes help ensure that families receive fair and consistent amounts of support while providing parents with more flexibility in how they manage their finances during divorce proceedings or other legal actions involving child support payments. Attorney Paul Fischer is aware of these changes so he can best serve his clients’ needs when navigating legal matters related to child support payments in Arizona.  At M Paul Fischer P.C., they stay up-to-date on all developments involving Arizona law so their  clients can rest assured they are receiving quality representation throughout their case proceedings. Contact them today if you need help understanding how the updated Child Support Guidelines may affect your client’s situation – they’re always there for you!

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