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Encino, CA WW/Press/– Frederick S. Schwartz, with The Law Offices of Frederick S. Schwartz is recognized and distinguished in The Top Attorneys of North America 2023-2024 edition. Frederick S. Schwartz Attorney

The Law Offices of Frederick S. Schwartz is located in Encino, CA. For over 30 years, his law firm has represented clients in legal matters including personal injury, insurance disputes, employment disputes, class action lawsuits, civil litigation, whistleblower cases, business litigation, consumer rights law and other related legal matters.

As former in-house counsel for a large insurance company, Frederic S. Schwartz has valuable insight into the mindset and workings of the insurance company’s adjusters and lawyers. He understands the way the insurance company thinks and operates. This gives his clients a big advantage in the negotiation, litigation and settlement process.

Notable cases in which Mr. Schwartz has participated in include:

State of California ex rel. Mary Lynn Rapier v. Encino Hospital Medical Center, et al. Representing Relator in a qui tam action brought on behalf of the State of California against multiple defendants alleged to have engaged in a nefarious business scheme involving insurance fraud and other illegal activities. Settlement with certain defendants both prior and subsequent to trial. The case was tried. Defense verdict. Case is now on appeal.

John K. Baldwin v. KPMG, LLP. Representing Plaintiff in a malpractice action involving a complex tax scheme involving allegations of negligence, fraud and RICO violations. Case settled; the terms of which are confidential.

Bryan Kearney, Individually and on Behalf of All Others Similarly Situated v. Direct Buy Associates, Inc. d.b.a. Direct Buy Auto Warranty, et al. Representing plaintiffs in a class action arising out of alleged consumer fraud, breach of contract, breach of warranty, unfair competition and false advertising; class certification, monetary damages and injunctive relief. Class certification granted. Defendant filed bankruptcy.

Gary L. Peskin, Individually and on Behalf of All Others Similarly Situated v. California Physicians’ Service d.b.a. Blue Shield of California, et al. Representing plaintiffs in a class action arising out of alleged consumer fraud, breach of contract, breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, violation of the unfair competition law; seeking class certification, monetary damages and injunctive relief. Case settled.

Cung Le, Nathan Quarry, Jon Fitch, on behalf of themselves and all others similarly situated v. Zuffa, LLC. Representing plaintiffs in conjunction with other counsel in a class action arising out of alleged anti-competition, anti-trust and monopolistic practices; seeking class certification, monetary damages and injunctive relief pursuant. Plaintiffs’ Motion For Class Certification granted and case is pending.

Amy Roiland, Individually and on Behalf of All Others Similarly Situated v. Neurobrands, LLC. Representing plaintiffs in a class action arising out of consumer product mislabeling and false advertising; Settlement following mediation resulted in implementation of label changes and injunctive relief.

Thomas Antonio and Elda Antonio, Individually and on Behalf of A Class Of Similarly Situated Individuals v. Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc. Represented plaintiffs in a class action arising out of alleged unfair imposition and impounding of mortgage and escrow fees; class certification denied by U.S. District Court, Central District of California; settlement and dismissal.

Jorge Medina, Individually and on Behalf of All Others Similarly Situated v. Keyes Auto Body, Inc. Class action arising out of meal break and rest period violations of employees; class certification; settlement at mediation resulting in implementation of lawful break and rest periods and compensation and re-imbursement to wronged employees.

Steven Ross v. E.P. Management, et al.; Butterworth v. SCIE et al., Duval v. SCIE et al.; Class action litigation involving labor code violations. Represented plaintiffs in a class action litigation which expanded over a six year period and involved numerous defendants comprised of Hollywood studios, television networks, production companies, advertising companies and payroll companies; settlement resulting in over $5 million in late wage penalties paid to wronged employees, implementation of lawful wage and hour payment practices and changes in state law concerning pay roll practices in the entertainment industry.

Sconce, Lamb Mortuary Class Litigation; represented one of the mortuary defendants; class action involving burial and cremation practices; case received considerable media attention.

Lincoln Memorial Park Cemetery Class Litigation; Represented plaintiffs in a consumer class action involving alleged violations of burial practices. Case settled for monetary compensation and changes in burial practices.

Lindsay-Field v. Friendly, et al.; Complex commercial litigation involving the breeding rights in a thoroughbred horse breeding syndicate involving Australia and New Zeeland breeders who alleged breach of contract and other tortious action. Case was reversed on appeal in favor of clients.

Aguirre v. Zahedi; Represented plaintiff in an adversary proceeding in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court seeking determination of debt to be non-dischargeable pursuant to U.S.C sec. 523 (a)(6).

Frederick S. Schwartz is admitted to the State Bar of California and admitted to practice before the Supreme Court for the State of California, the United States District Court, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth District.

Mr. Schwartz is committed to providing his clients diligent, zealous, and personal representation; pursuing injustice, righting wrongs and achieving the best outcome. His motto, “May The SCHWARTZ Be With You”.

Frederick S. Schwartz received his Juris Doctor from Whittier College School of Law, 1989, earned his Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of Colorado, Boulder, 1981 and attended the Institute for Shipboard Education, 1980.

Over the span of his legal career, Frederick S. Schwartz has served on the Board of Directors of the Public Justice Foundation, which supports a public interest law firm which litigates and argues cases of national importance involving civil rights, class action, consumer, environmental, civil and employment matters.

Frederick S. Schwartz has also been a member of the Consumer Attorneys of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles County Bar Association, the American Bar Association, and is certified to arbitrate for the Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc.’s, the BBB AUTO LINE program and is also a Voluntary Mediator for the Los Angeles Superior Court CRASH Program.Top Attorneys of North America

The Top Attorneys of North America, a New York based publication, distinguishes and profiles leading attorneys who have reached a recognizable degree of success and leadership in their field. The directory is valued for promoting awareness of the accomplishments within the North American legal community.


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