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Palm Desert, CA WW/Press/– Dale Gribow Founder of Dale Gribow Attorney At Law is recognized and distinguished in The Top Attorneys of North America 2023-2024 edition.  Dale Gribow Attorney

“I give my clients what they want and need, personal attention, clear communication and a client-friendly approach.” – Dale Gribow

Dale Gribow, a 5 Star AV Award winning attorney for over 35 years, focuses on Accidents (Auto, Motorcycle, Pedestrian, Truck, Uber, Slip & Fall), that involve Traumatic Brain Injury, Broken Bones, Nerve Damage and Wrongful Death… as well as Drunk Driving and Domestic Violence matters.

Gribow’s legal and philanthropic accomplishments warranted his being selected yearly, TOP LAWYER, in the prestigious Palm Springs Life, and Inland Empire Magazines. Peer reviewed ratings from AVVO and Martindale Hubbell resulted in the Highest Peer Rating given.

Man of the Year Awards were presented 7 times, including The City of Palm Desert and the City of Hope and Dale Gribow Day has been proclaimed 4 times. He has received biographical recognition in 50 Who’s Who and has been President or Chairman of 12 nonprofits. LA and Coachella Valley Papers have looked to him for Legal Columns and Legal Commentary/Analysis, as well as hosting Legal Talk Shows (Accidentally Yours), in both cities.

Gribow reminds his listeners to not talk to police or insurance companies without your lawyers permission because “Silence is Golden and Handcuffs are Silver”. When dealing with any insurance company, Gribow reminds you that, “Nationwide is Not on Your Side; You are Not in Good Hands and Your Friendly Neighbor Will Not Give You a Piece of the Rock.”

When asked about his favorite memory, Dale smiles and reflects on the Christmas when he read about a guy who worked with troubled youth who had been car jacked by a few of them. He had purchased his wife’s 1st Leather Coat and other Christmas gifts for his family. A few punks held him up and stuffed him in the trunk, and took his car for a joyride.

Dale had his former police officer investigator, track down the victim and asked how much was taken. He had the guy come to the office the next day and Dale gave him $1,300 in cash, to replace everything. He followed his Dad’s motto of “It’s Nice to be Nice”.

Gribow prides himself in TURNING WRONGS INTO RIGHTS as he has represented the seriously injured, and those criminally accused of DUI’s for over 35 years. Gribow’s boutique practice has aggressively pursued injury claims against the irresponsible drivers charged with a DUI, as well as the bars, clubs, restaurants, or other entities that supply alcohol when the offender is visibly intoxicated.

Over the years his office and his associates have tried or settled accident cases totaling $100 million dollars, as he advocates as a voice for the injured and criminally accused clients. Early in his career he was a TRIAL LAWYER with the Los Angeles Public Defender’s office, before heading his own 30 person firm in Beverly Hills, and 17 people in his Palm Desert office. Dale Gribow’s extensive experience has allowed him to serve as trusted counsel to many, many celebrities and highly prominent VIP individuals.

My clients depend upon me to garner the most money available on their accident and to be sure those arrested are protected and receive the best results possible. Many people wait until the needs arises to find a lawyer. Gribow always says “People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.” He encourages everyone to plan ahead for an untimely accident or DUI and to know who you would call before you have to make a decision… under stress. After all you know who you would call for a plumber or electrician! Gribow reminds us you don’t need us…until you need us!

Gribow has served his clients with professionalism and legal excellence and built a reputation for success that is known throughout the Coachella Valley and California. Some of the critical components of his success are a strong work ethic, integrity, compassion, and reliability. However, Dale Gribow is not interested in resting on his reputation. He wants to show you how his experience can work for you and get results. The depth of understanding that he has gained during these many years is applied to every case Gribow undertakes.

Attorney Gribow’s experience and knowledge of the law is evident in a many ways. He has shared legal information through lectures, including his annual Beverly Hills lecture to the International College of Orthopedic Surgeons on How to Write a Med/Legal Report. He writes a weekly legal column as well as reporting as a Society Reporter for Palm Springs Desert Sun paper … in addition to his radio shows in LA and PS Papers entitled Accidentally Yours. He is the legal analyst/commentator that local Radio and TV News programs have turned to when they are covering national and local legal proceedings.

He advises his legal column readers, HIRE AN ESQUIRE, NOT AN ESCORT, AND “DON’T DRINK, DRIVE OR TEXT. CALL A TAXI, UBER OR LYFT…IT IS A LOT CHEAPER THAN HAVING AN ACCIDENT OR BEING ARRESTED… AND THAN CALLING ME.” Gribow says, “if you need a lawyer, we’ll tell you…If you don’t we’ll help you.”


Gribow states, I’d be honored to be personally be your attorney, or refer you to who you should use.

DALE GRIBOW suggests you print this info below, put it in your wallet, and GIVE IT WHEN STOPPED, to the ARRESTING OFFICER with your LICENSE/INSURANCE.

Upon advice of my attorney, Dale Gribow, I exercise my right to remain silent until you contact him at (760) 837-7500 or for his OK.

My attorney has advised me the VOLUNTARY FIELD SOBRIETY AND BREATH TESTS, at the scene, are OPTIONAL (unless one is on probation). Thus I elect not to take them. I want to cooperate and am happy to take a BLOOD TEST.

Dale Gribow welcomes the opportunity to answer your questions regarding your legal issues during a free consultation on all criminal and accident cases. He will provide a candid assessment and recommend the best steps to take during the free consultation.

Dale Gribow graduated from the University of Southern California (USC) and Loyola Law School, and has taken post-graduate classes at USC and UCLA Law Schools. His law firm has been featured on most media outlets.Top Attorneys of North America

The Top Attorneys of North America, a New York based publication, distinguishes and profiles leading attorneys who have reached a recognizable degree of success and leadership in their field. The directory is valued for promoting awareness of the accomplishments within the North American legal community.


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