Top Attorney – Eugene Oak

Los Angeles, CA/Press/ – Eugene Oak Ph.D P.E., of the Law Office of Eugene Oak was selected for inclusion into the Top Attorneys of North America 2019-2020 edition. Eugene Oak Attorney in Los Angeles, CA

Eugene Oak is an experienced lawyer admitted to practice by the California State Bar since 1990. With a focus on intellectual property, patent trademark, tax law, and immigration, Mr. Oak provides expert advice and solutions to his clients.

In addition to his legal expertise, Mr. Oak is also a Gemologist, specializing in the identification and evaluation of natural and artificial gemstone materials. Similar to his role as a lawyer, he serves as a pastor, offering guidance and counsel to individuals within the community or congregation.

With a strong attention to detail and a reputation for being a great listener, Mr. Oak is dedicated to providing the best solutions for his clients’ best interests. Trust his expertise and knowledge to navigate complex legal matters and gemstone evaluations.

The Top Attorneys of North America, a New York based publication, distinguishes and profiles leading attorneys who have reached a recognizable degree of success and leadership in their field. The directory is valued for promoting awareness of the accomplishments within the North American legal community. Top Attorneys of North America


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