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San Carlos, CA WW/Press/May 17, 2017 – Bruce W. Nickerson (June 21, 1941 – February 5, 2022),with Bruce Nickerson Law Offices was selected for inclusion into the Top Attorneys of North America 2017 edition by The Who’s Who Directories.

Mr. Nickerson has operated a solo legal practice in California since 1979. He was admitted to practice law by the Bruce W. Nickerson Attorney California State Bar. His practice areas included civil rights and gay rights and he was a leading authority on lewd conduct law in the United States. His focus on lewd behavior emerged after pursuing several cases addressing such conduct and freedom of speech issues at adult bookstores in the early 1980’s in and around the Bay Area of California.

Attorney Nickerson has argued in front of the California Supreme Court and U.S. Federal Circuit courts regarding civil rights issues affecting gay people. He successfully argued Baluyut v. Superior Court, (1996) 12 Cal. 4th 826, which established discriminatory prosecution as a defense in police sting operations which target gay public conduct and ignore identical straight public conduct. In the late 2000’s  he was interviewed by former Fox News host Bill O’ Reilly regarding a series of cases which he had been arguing on behalf of several hundred defendants related to a sting operation targeting gay men in Fresno, California. Other cases he was involved in are: People v. Superior Court (Caswell) 46 Cal. 3rd 381; People v. Lake 156 Cal. App 4th, Supp. 1 and Jury Instruction Modification.

Attorney Nickerson, was an advocate for human and civil rights, and was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the House of Representatives; The Senate of California and Lifetime Achievement award from the City of Long Beach, California and at his 50th alma mater reunion the alumni committee asked Mr. Nickerson to be one of six speakers to speak on behalf of human rights.

Nickerson attended Modesto High School in Modesto, California, he earned an A.B in Economics, with honors, from Stanford University and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from Golden Gate University. He was a champion debater while at Modesto.

An avid world traveler and photographer, Mr. Nickerson has visited six continents and dozens of countries. He had a keen interest in hiking, bridges, and waterfalls. He was also an accomplished organist, and was a member of the American Guild of Organists.  He enjoyed giving classical music concerts in his home which contained a pipe organ.

The secret to Mr. Nickerson’s success is that he was passionate and had a burning desire to right wrongs.

The Top Attorneys of North America, a New York based publication, distinguishes and profiles leading attorneys who have reached a recognizable degree of success and leadership in their field. The directory is valued for promoting awareness of the accomplishments within the North American legal community.

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