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Fremont, CA WW/Press/September 4, 2015 –Grandmaster Vahid Karimi, Inventor and Founder, of VK Trainer, was selected for inclusion in the forthcoming Top Professionals of North America 2015-16 edition of The Who’s Who Directories.


The accomplishments and achievements attained by Grandmaster Vahid Karimi, in the field of Martial Arts, warrants his inclusion into The Top Professionals of North America. Grandmaster Vahid Karimi is a renowned Inventor and Founder of the VK Trainer. The patent-pending VK Trainer is an innovative, high-quality piece of martial arts equipment, based out of Fremont, CA. The VK Trainer can help to you develop your strike, power and speed in a short distance and how to defend yourself without classes in your own private place on your own private time.

It is standing equipment with several hands, arms, and legs and has punching bag material. Furthermore, it has a standing base which you can mount on the ground.

Grandmaster Vahid Karimi has more than 25 years of experience in the martial arts and military combat training fields and is extremely proud of his new product, that allows you to practice blocking, hitting, striking from a short distance, and martial arts from the comfort of your own place. It is as though you are hitting a real person. In the martial arts world, there is nothing else out there quite like the VK Trainer.

Grandmaster Vahid Karimi began his martial arts training at the age of 14 in Iran where he studied martial arts. He continued to fine tune his skills as an Iranian combat military trainer in the Iranian military trainer at the young age of 19, but eventually moved to the United States to study various martial arts styles.

In 1990, he formed a new freestyle martial arts called VK Kung Fu, opened several schools where he teaches it, and developed the VK Trainer to help teach students the power and striking of his style. He experienced a tremendous improvement in his students in a short matter of time.

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